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Polar Lights Plan 9 From Outer Space Flying Saucer Model Kit

Like nothing from this world! A bizarrely authentic scale model of the Plan 9 From Outer Space flying saucer. Yes, just like the ones in the film.

Price: $39.99  Sale Price: $34.99  You Save: $5.00 (13%)

Polar Lights has spent no expense to make this the most accurate studio-scale model created by mortal man.

This kit was excruciatingly researched to define every detail of the saucers used in the filming of the 1959 sci-fi "classic," Plan 9 From Outer Space.

All 61 rivets are accounted for and placed in exactly the same spots, to look exactly like the Lindberg Flying Saucer models Ed Wood used in the production of the movie! It's uncanny how much it looks exactly like that model!

The old Lindberg Flying Saucer kit was actually the very first plastic sci-fi model kit ever produced -- way back in 1955.

This kit comes injected in "spaced-out silver."

Disclaimer: "The text on the model kit box (as shown above) is written with a tongue-in-cheek flair meant to kindle memories of the film Plan 9 From Outer Space, which is considered the first movie that was so bad it was good. No offense is implied. We don't call people stupid. That is just mean! This movie was made a long time ago. Calling someone stupid back then was mean, too, but no one cared."

Dome on kit can be left clear to reveal alien invaders ... if you dare!
Optional Doodads: "Are they rocket propulsion engines or electrode guns? We don't know but they are in the box!"
Deluxe Display-O-Matic Device overcomes gravity to hold the saucer in mid-air!
Wate-Slide Decal Sheet is perfect for sticking somewhere

Contents of box include all plastic pieces to complete model, a decal sheet, and pictorial instructions describing assembly. This kit does not include paint or cement.

Collectors/Model Builders Note: Brand-new and factory sealed.

All The Saucer Scenes in Plan 9 From Outer Space

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