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Moebius Aurora Dr. Jekyll as Mr. Hyde 5th Anniversary model kit sealed - Rare!

5th Anniversary Commemorative Edition of the Moebius Models reissue of the Aurora classic model kit Dr. Jekyll as Mr. Hyde. A near exact copy of the long box kit of the 1960s -- complete with iconic Aurora logo!

Price: $149.99  Sale Price: $139.99  You Save: $10.00 (7%)


RetroFan #27 - Captain Kangaroo, Jack Kirby, Teenage Frank

This is RetroFan Magazine Issue #27 spotlighting the happy days of the Sixties, Seventies, and Eighties of our childhood!


Mezco Toyz Wolfman 7-in Deluxe Figure - Anthony Hopkins, Benicio Del Toro

Mezco's 7-inch scale figure features intense film accurate detail, 12 points of articulation, and sculpted clothing. Each figure also includes a scale wolf head cane as featured in The Wolfman, starring Benicio Del Toro in the role Lon Chaney Jr made famous. Sold out at Mezco.


Moebius Aurora Monster Scenes Giant Insect model kit

This Giant Insect all-plastic custom builder model kit is the perfect gift for monster fans! It's a reissue of the notorious Aurora MONSTER SCENES model series from the early 1970s. Kit #643


Hot Wheels Elite GHOSTBUSTERS ECTO 1A 1:43 scale diecast car

From the Hot Wheels Elite Cult Classic Collection comes the siren-blaring emergency vehicle Ecto-1a from the Ghostbusters II hit comedy motion picture.


Diamond Select Ghostbusters Evil Angry Stay Puft Marshmallow Man 24" - RARE!

ULTRA RARE This 24-inch tall hard-vinyl bank in the likeness of classic Ghostbusters character Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man has an "evil" face sculpt, revealing the malevolent presence of Gozer.

Price: $499.00  Sale Price: $459.99  You Save: $39.01 (8%)


Atlantis Tom Daniel Glowing Ghost of the Red Baron 1:3 Scale Model Kit -JUST IN!

The Baron's ghostly spirit from 1969 has once again transformed into a ghastly image that now Glows in the Dark! It's the Glowing Ghost of the Red Baron Krazy Model Kit.


Diamond Select Star Trek Original Series Tek Classic Phaser Action Replica

This Diamond Select/Art Asylum phaser is "stunning"! It's the original 2-in-1 design with detachable mini hand phaser. This officially licensed Star Trek series weapon features a Type-1 mini hand phaser that separates from the Type-2 pistol.

Price: $199.99  Sale Price: $189.99  You Save: $10.00 (5%)


The Dark Side #243 - The Story Behind Halloween III - NOW SHIPPING!

The Dark Side is the U.K.'s magazine of the macabre, covering and reviewing horror films around the world. This is issue #243.


X-Plus Metropolis Machinenmensch 1/8 Scale Silver Screen Model Kit - JUST IN!

The long-awaited X-Plus Metropolis Machinenmensch "Maria," as seen in the 1927 classic Metropolis. 1/8-scale unassembled, unpainted plastic model kit. Completed model is more than 10 inches tall, in the Aurora style.

Price: $64.99  Sale Price: $55.99  You Save: $9.00 (14%)


Moebius Monsters of the Movies Creature from the Black Lagoon

Originally released by Aurora, the Monsters of the Movies Creature from the Black Lagoon is considered to be one of the best sculpts that Bill Lemon produced. Includes moveable head and arms!


Moebius Mars Attacks Martian Warrior 1/8 scale diorama model kit OOP

Moebius is celebrating the 50th anniversary of Topps Mars Attacks! Cards published in 1962 with this new kit in 1/8 scale. OOP


X-Plus Garage Toy 1955 Anguirus Godzilla Plex PX figure

From Bandai, Plex Co., Ltd. & X Plus Co., Ltd. Godzilla's arch enemy Anguirus from the film Godzilla Raids Again (1955) recreated as a 12-inch figure. A PX Previews Exclusive figure!


NECA Ultimate Bride of Frankenstein (Color) 7-inch Scale Action Figure - JUST IN

NECA Ultimate Bride of Frankenstein 7-inch Scale Action Figure. This is the color version with three head options and more!

Price: $39.99  Sale Price: $34.99  You Save: $5.00 (13%)


Moebius Jonny Quest The Dragonfly Aircraft 12" Model Kit 946

Moebius Models presents The Dragonfly Quest Labs Supersonic Suborbital Aircraft from the hit 1964-65 animated TV series.

Price: $34.95  Sale Price: $24.95  You Save: $10.00 (29%)


Moebius The Grim Reaper 1/8 Scale Model Kit #972

Your time has come! The Grim Reaper 1/8 scale model kit by Moebius Models.

Price: $39.99  Sale Price: $34.99  You Save: $5.00 (13%)


Gentle Giant Vintage Kenner STAR WARS Villain 3-Pack Jumbo Action Figure Set

Just like they were when you were a kid, only BIGGER! Gentle Giant is proud to bring you their new line of Star Wars action figure 3-packs. Gentle Giant is taking those 3-packs and recreating them in their jumbo scale.

Price: $389.99  Sale Price: $349.99  You Save: $40.00 (10%)


Mezco One:12 Collective Universal Monsters Frankenstein - B&W or Color

Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective series brings Frankenstein's Monster back to life with this 1:12 scale figure offering incredible detail and loads of accessories. Choose between Silver Screen B&W or Diamond Previews Exclusive Color Version while supplies last!


The Age of Thrills 1930s-1940s Issue #4 -PREORDER ARRIVING THIS WEEK!

The Age of Thrills 1930s-1940s Collectors Edition #4 from Jane Meikle of the UK's Hemlock Books Ltd. PREORDER ARRIVING THIS WEEK


Bif Bang Pow! TALKY TINA Twilight Zone Doll Talking 18" Prop Replica - IN COLOR!

Order this incredible First edition COLOR version today! Only 500 produced, each individually numbered!


Mego Hammer Medusa The Gorgon Horror Series 8-inch action figure

Mego is thrilled to present Medusa in all her gruesome glory! Medusa will be slithering her way into the Megoverse for the first time ever!


Moebius Universal Monsters The Invisible Man 1:8 model kit #903

This all-plastic Invisible Man model kit is just like the popular Aurora models of yesteryear, created with exceptional attention to fit, trim, and finish. New box design in 2016.

Price: $41.99  Sale Price: $37.99  You Save: $4.00 (10%)


Doctor Who Tardis Collectible Playset with K-9 Figure, sound effects keychain

This extraordinary TARDIS Collectible Playset is based on the ever-popular sci-fi TV series Doctor Who. RARE AND HARD TO FIND!

Price: $159.99  Sale Price: $149.99  You Save: $10.00 (6%)


Moebius Proteus Submarine Fantastic Voyage 1/32 scale model kit

Moebius Models celebrates fan favorite Fantastic Voyage's 50th Anniversary (film released Oct. 14, 1966) with the Proteus as a 1/32 scale plastic assembly kit. Includes highly detailed interior!

Price: $149.99  Sale Price: $129.99  You Save: $20.00 (13%)


Sideshow Metaluna Mutant This Island Earth 12-inch figure

Sideshow 12-inch version of one of the weird Metaluna Mutant aliens from the classic sci-fi film This Island Earth. Retired and hard to find.

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