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Scary Monsters #135 - Menacing Manic Inanimates Issue - NOW SHIPPING!

Scary Monsters 135th “Menacing Manic Inanimates” Issue.

Price: $14.99  Sale Price: $12.99  You Save: $2.00 (13%)


Scary Monsters #101 - The Nurse in Sci-Fi Films - NEARLY SOLD OUT!

Premiere issue by Don and Vicki after Denis' retirement. The BEGINNING of a new SCARY ERA! This is the Health-Scare Issue #101 of Scary Monsters magazine! Working in the Scary warehouse and came across several of the last copies we have of our very 1st issue that we're willing to part with!


Scary Monsters #102 - Agar the B-Star Issue - Sold Out!

We have less than 10 copies left and we have no plans of reprinting. From the Revenge of the Creature, Tarantula, the Mole People and Daughter of Dr. Jekyll, to Attack of the Puppet People, the Brain from Planet Arous, and Invisible Invaders, Scary Monsters Magazine #102 puts the scary spotlight on John Agar, the king of the B movie science fiction horror films of the 1950s.


Scary Monsters #103 - It's Alive It's Alive Issue

Scary Monsters Magazine #103 is our It's Alive It's Alive issue! Feature articles include Battle of the Monster Makers, Bob Burns and the World of Monsters, and Kaiju Korner's 50th Anniversary of War of the Gargantuas. 144 pages of all classic horror and sci-fi!


Scary Monsters #104 - Blaise of Gory Issue

Scary Monsters Magazine #104 is our Blaise of Gory Issue! Feature articles include Paul Blaisdell: The Strange Creature of Topanga Canyon (Part 1), Can You Tame the Tingler?, and Gravesy Gravesem's American Chop 40 Monster Hits Edition, and more! 144 pages of all classic horror and sci-fi!


Scary Monsters #105 - Blood Relatives Issue - SOLD OUT!

There is so much vampire-y goodness for our Scary readers to sink their teeth into in the 105th Blood Relatives Issue of Scary Monsters Magazine.


Scary Monsters #106 - APE-ocalypse Issue

Scary Monsters 106th APE-ocalypse Issue! Also available at Barnes & Noble and other bookstores and comic shops. 146 pages of scary fun!


Scary Monsters #107 - Insidious Insects Invade Issue!

They're creepy and they're kooky, mysterious and spooky, they're altogether ooky ... no, no, not that family!


Scary Monsters #108 - Outer Limits Monster Menagerie

The 108th Thetans, Zantis & Mutants Oh My! Issue a whopping perfect-bound 176 pages!


Scary Monsters #109 - Corman's Creepy Classics - Regular or Comic-Con Exclusive

The 109th Corman's Creepy Classics Issue is a whopping perfect-bound 176 pages! While supplies last: Choose between the regular issue and the 2018 San Diego Comic-Con Scary Exclusive! See description below. RIP Mr. Corman (1926-2024). You were one of a kind!


Scary Monsters #110 - They're Alive Again - Halloween Issue (Fall 2018)

Scary Monsters #110 They're Alive Again Issue is our First Annual Halloween Spiritacular! Huge 176 pages. For the first time it's Augmented Reality-capable when reader uses a free app for their smartphone to bring art and some images alive! See our Scare-Blog! above for instructions.


Scary Monsters #111 - It's About Time! It's About Space! (Winter 2019)

Scary Monsters magazine #111 - It's About Time! It's About Space issue!


Scary Monsters #112 - Seized by the Sea Creatures Issue (Spring 2019)

Scary Monsters #112: Seized By The Sea Creatures Issue! 2 COPIES LEFT, AND WE AREN'T REPRINTING!


Scary Monsters #113 - Women of the Silver Scream Issue ALMOST SOLD OUT

Now a whopping 180 pages with 350+ photos! Scary Monsters #113: Women of the Silver Scream Issue! Featuring The Original Scary 100: Scream Queens, Heroic Heroines, and Femme Fatales! NEARLY SOLD OUT, few copies left.


Scary Monsters #114 - Wary of Werewolves, Leery of Lycans! 2019 Halloween Issue

Scary Monsters 114the Wary of Werewolves, Leery of Lycans Issue is here! It's our 2nd Annual HOWL-O-Ween Scaretacular!


Scary Monsters #115 - Retro Robots Run Amok Issue!

Retro Robots Run Amok in Issue #115 of the only REAL MONSTER MAGAZINE! The only thing that does compute is to ORDER HERE!


Scary Monsters #116 - Brains Gone Mad 2020 Annual - Bruce Campbell

Scary Monsters #116 Monster Memories 2020 Annual (February 2020) NEARLY SOLD OUT


Scary Monsters #117 - Hideous Horticultural Horrors Issue - When Plants Attack!

The Scary Monsters 117th Hideous Horticultural Horrors Issue is here! You'll find out When Plants Attack! Loaded with scary, not-your-garden-variety fotos over 144 heavily fertilized pages.


Scary Monsters #118 - Ghastly Ghosts & Spooky Specters - Glow in the Dark Cover

Issue #118, features a special treat for our Scary Monster Kid readers, our first-time-ever special Glow-In-The-Dark cover art! This issue may appear briefly at the noose stands in October but is sure to vanish quickly like a mist on a cold, foggy fall Halloween evening. Getting down to the last few copies!


Scary Monsters #119 - Filmmaking Behind the Screams

Scary Monsters 119th Filmmaking Behind the Screams issue! 146 pages of Monster Kid goodness.


Scary Monsters #120 - Castle of Frankenstein Issue - SOLD OUT!

We are SOLD OUT! CoF #36 coming Fall of 2022! Scary Monsters #120, the 2021 Annual. The official return of Castle of Frankenstein magazine! 146 pages of Monster Kid goodness.


Scary Monsters #121 - Monstrously Memorable Mummy Movies!

Scary Monsters #121 - Monstrously Memorable Mummy Movies! 146 pages of Monster Kid goodness.


Scary Monsters #122 - NEVER SAY DIE issue - Summer Issue

Scary Monsters 122nd Never Say Die Issue explores the mad scientists of cinema who aimed to cheat death by discovering their own versions of the fountain of youth. (SUMMER 2021) 146 pages of Monster Kid goodness.


Scary Monsters #123 - Harrowing Haunted Halloween Issue - SOLD OUT!

SOLD OUT: Published in September 2021, our popular Halloween (FALL) issue is now sold out at Scary HQs! Please try to obtain a copy at your local Barnes and Noble or Books-A-Million store, but hurry as it's sure to sell out there as well! Scary Monsters 123rd Harrowing Haunted Halloween Issue (FALL 2021). 146 pages of Monster Kid goodness. The cover art includes hidden ghostly glow images!


Scary Monsters #124 - Chilly Thrillers & Frosty Frights Issue - 2 Covers

Scary Monsters 124th Chilly Thrillers and Frosty Frights Issue (WINTER 2021). 146 pages of Monster Kid goodness. Choose your cover: 70th Anniversary cover (1951) or 40th Anniversary cover (1982).

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